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Funding Estate Plans in Leesburg

Ensuring Your Assets Are Properly Transferred

Creating an estate plan is only the first step in preparing for the future. Once you have reviewed your situation and developed a comprehensive plan with a Leesburg estate planning lawyer, you still have some work to do.

Unless you properly fund your trusts and transfer your assets appropriately, your beneficiaries will have significantly more work to administer your estate. Legacy Law Centers can help you navigate the funding process to ensure proper asset transfer.

We will make sure you are aware of:

  • The importance of funding
  • The consequences of failing to fund
  • Commonly overlooked assets

Funding may feel overwhelming, but remember that it is a lifelong process. For as long as you are alive, you can continue to fund your revocable trusts and properly transfer new assets you acquire. Legacy Law Centers can help you with these complex processes.

We want to ensure the effectiveness of your estate plan. Give us a call at (571) 200-5559 to request assistance with funding.

Your Guide through the Funding Process

There is a lot that goes into transferring assets. Paperwork will add up, but proper documentation is incredibly important to ensure that your estate plan is sound. Our Leesburg funding attorney is here to help you every step of the way.

Without funding, your assets may not be included in your estate. By properly titling your assets, you are saving your loved ones a huge headache later on down the line.

Professional guidance provided by Legacy Law Centers can make all the difference in how your estate is managed and how your assets are divided upon your death. We serve clients throughout Loudoun County and look forward to helping you with the estate plan funding process.

Contact us online or call (571) 200-5559 to get started.

Client Testimonials

Our Leesburg Estate Planning Attorney Can Help You, Too

At Legacy Law Centers, our aim is to help clients and their families prepare for the future. Attorney Sam Mansoor provides personalized estate planning assistance with the tools, resources, and expertise necessary for a world-class experience. Discover what our satisfied clients have to say.

  • “Tremendous support and delivers top notch estate planning services”

    Steve O.

  • “Responsive, analytical and talks to you on your level.”

    Dave G.

  • “Great service”

    Jackie and Ken

  • “Mr. Mansoor saved me $6800+ in past rent and fees.”

    Former Client

  • “We found their advice and personalized partnership invaluable.”

    Joseph L.

  • “Understood my needs”

    Judy T.

  • “Best Family Law Attorney in Virginia.”


  • “He approached both my cases with focus and preparedness.”

    Lone B.

  • “Estate Planning Genius!”


  • “He took the time to understand our case and thoroughly explained our rights so that we could fully understand the legal terminology.”

    Former Client

  • “Sam appeared on my behalf twice and got me a great outcome.”


  • “If you are looking for a knowledgeable good lawyer than look no further.”


  • “Sam took time in every step of the way to listen to my inquiries about the process.”


  • “Top Notch Lawyer.”


  • “I highly recommend Sam and his associates!”