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Directive to Physicians in Leesburg

Creating Advance Medical Directives in Loudoun County

It may be unpleasant to think about, but death is an unfortunate reality of life. When we reach the end of our lives – whether that is due to old age or an irreversible illness – someone has to be responsible for making decisions on your behalf when you are unable to on your own. Everyone deserves to be comfortable and retain their dignity at the end of life – and an advance medical directive created ahead of time can help you do that.

Legacy Law Centers can help you address this unpleasant but vital part of your estate plan. Our Leesburg estate planning attorney is an expert at drafting sound directives that accurately outline your wishes and protect your family members.

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Living Wills

A living will is a type of advance medical directive that documents medical decisions you have made in advance. The living will instructs your doctors and loved ones to follow your wishes in the event that you are in an irreversible coma, in a permanent vegetative state, or have a terminal illness. Most people use a living will to ensure that they are kept as comfortable as possible at the end of life.

They are also used to avoid medical heroics like:

  • Life support
  • Forced feeding
  • Surgeries to artificially extend your life

By creating this kind of advance medical directive, you can maintain control, live the life you want, and die on your own terms.

Advance medical directives also remove a heavy burden from your loved ones’ shoulders. No one wants to be the one who “pulls the plug,” but in certain circumstances, many people feel it is the right thing to do. An advance medical directive can help your loved ones feel better about making certain decisions regarding your end-of-life care.

Create an Advance Medical Directive Today

Be sure that your healthcare providers and loved ones know of your wishes. Your family should always have access to a copy of your living will.

Legacy Law Centers is eager to help you document your wishes and prepare for the future. Once your advance medical directive is in place, you can rest easy and enjoy the rest of your life knowing that your family is ready for whatever may happen. Every individual in Loudoun County needs an advance medical directive, so let us help you make one today.

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