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A comprehensive estate plan is essential for ensuring you and your family’s future wellbeing. After establishing an effective estate plan you can rest assured that you provided a clear path for your family’s future.

At Legacy Law Centers, we enjoy pulling from our advanced experience in estate planning to advise residents across Loudoun County regarding their various estate issues. Our Ashburn estate planning lawyers will devote their time and effort toward getting to know you and your family, so you can construct an in-depth estate plan that contemplates major events and contingencies.

Are you eager to prepare for the future? If so, then call (571) 260-0827 or contact Legacy Law Centers online to schedule an appointment with one of our highly qualified Ashburn estate planning lawyers.

Who Benefits From An Estate Plan?

From large wealthy estates to small modest ones, people can receive significant advantages through an established and well-thought-out estate plan. Regardless of your personal wealth, a good estate plan gives you the opportunity to take care of yourself and those you love.

One of the most significant benefits you can receive from creating an estate plan is retaining control over how your assets, property, money, and health benefits are treated for the remainder of your life and after your death.

Your estate plan will secure important interests and provide for the welfare of the following:

  • You;
  • Your spouse and/or children;
  • Your pets;
  • Your assets;
  • Your legacy; and
  • Any other person or entity you intend to benefit from your estate plan.

Dedicated Space For Your Estate Planning Matters

We do not manage your money at Legacy Law Centers. Rather, we help protect your wealth by assisting and advising you regarding complex family, business, and legal issues with the potential to significantly impact your estate. We have established a collaborative network of professionals to ensure that your estate plan provides you and your family with the necessary tools to achieve your personal goals. Our office can serve as the base of operations for your estate planning matters – you can hold regular meetings, collaborate with others, and inform your family about preparing for the future.

Take Action By Preparing Your Plan Today

If you would like to start preparing an estate plan, it is highly recommended that you seek assistance from a qualified estate planning attorney in Ashburn. At Legacy Law Centers, we acknowledge that each client has a unique set of circumstances. Therefore, we avoid relying on templates in favor of a more personalized approach that is tailored to your individual needs.

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