“I endorse this lawyer. I have had the pleasure to work with Sam on several client matters and I can say unequivocally that he is a top notch business lawyer who understands the needs of his clients.”– Declan Leonard, Business Attorney

“I was opposite Sam on a small contract matter, and was impressed with his conscientiousness of his client’s resources, attention to detail, and ability to see a resolution that met the differing priorities of each party. And when something came up (as it always does), Sam went out of his way to assist his client on short notice.”– Jonathan Nelson, Business Attorney

“I met Sam in law school and he is a terrific lawyer. In my opinion Sam’s business experience raises him above the bar as compared to his fellow peers in his field of practice. Sam’s advice is top notch because it is not simply text book advice–it is advice that founded upon strong academic credentials and real like experiences. I highly recommend him.”– David Senawi, Business Attorney

“Excellent attorney.”– Jamil Khuja, Fellow Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. They are an expert in the field of estate planning.”– Michelle Biddinger, Estate planning Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”– Edwar Zeineh, Fellow Attorney

“I recently served as local counsel for Sam in a construction litigation matter. Sam’s preparation and knowledge of the subject matter were second to none. He made my role as local counsel very easy by taking care of all of the details. Sam was a consummate professional and I would readily work with him on a future matter. He is an credit to his clients and the bar.”– Neil Hyman, Litigation Attorney

“I have known Sammid for a few years. I first met him in law school. He always had a firm grasp on the topic no matter what area of practice we were studying. Further, he is punctual and hard-working. You are in good hands if you retain him.”– Matthew Schulz, Fellow Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. I met Sam in law school and find him to be very competent and particularly focused. He is always willing to help explain matters to others no matter who they are. Sam will serve his community well!”– Jalal Dallo, Real estate Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Sam is a very intelligent person and lawyer. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Sam for quite some time and he has been an exemplary person and professional in the legal community.”– Victor Mansour, Estate planning Attorney

“Sammid is uniquely qualified to counsel business clients because of his wealth of practical experience as a successful business owner.”– Kevin Nalu, Business Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer’s work.”– Anusce Sanai, General practice Attorney

“I worked as co-counsel with this attorney on a complex multi-jurisdictional divorce proceedings involving a special needs client. This attorney has a firm grasp of the law, which he was able to convey to our client clearly and with great compassion. Beyond that, he was able to protect our client’s children and ensure that the proper custody Order was put into place.”– Melissa Stewart, Family Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Sam and I met in April at an American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys meeting. Sam has an excellent legal mind and anyone hiring him will be well served by his legal knowledge and excellent client service.”– Bradley Boyum, Estate planning Attorney

“I met Sam at the Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys Spring Meeting, and I recently referred a former client who had relocated to Sam’s area. After meeting with Sam they were very satisfied with Sam’s knowledge, client service and felt that he really understood their needs. They are happy because he developed a comprehensive estate plan for them, which they could understand and treated them with the kind of respect and professionalism that they have been accustomed to from prior dealings with me. This kind of review from one of my referrals is why I will gladly send more clients to Sam.”– Kevin Pillion, Estate planning Attorney

“I am pleased to endorse Sam, whom I met at a conference in April of 2010. The breadth of his knowledge of the law in various fields is remarkable given the relatively short period of time he has been practicing. Anyone looking for nuanced and innovative solutions should definitely consider him.”– Richard White, Estate planning Attorney

“Sam brings a great deal of prior business experience to his firm which his clients will no doubt find to be of great help. A personable attorney.”– Brian Donnelly, Real estate Attorney

“Mr. Mansoor is an honest, hard working and compassionate individual whose dedication to the law and clients are exemplary. He possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to assist his clients in a manner that is professional and result-driven. It is my honor to recommend Mr. Mansoor’s legal services to anyone who is in need of general legal assistance.”– Nicole Naum, General practice Attorney

“Sam is a skilled practitioner and leader in his field. His broad range of corporate and legal expertise allows him to provide his clients with a level of service that is not often found in our industry. I highly recommend him to clients, friends and family in the greater Washington, D.C. area.”– Anthony Minko, Estate planning Attorney

“Sam is very dedicated to his work. I have worked with Sam on various occasions and he has always been prompt, prepared, and aggressive. Sam is the kind of guy who delivers and delivers ahead of timel; you can count on him to get the job done effectively and in a timely manner.”– Brent Sitto, Estate planning Attorney

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