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Every life eventually ends, but this certainty doesn't have to bring hardship to your loved ones. The best protection for your spouse, children, and the causes you care about is to have a plan that takes care of those left behind. A will is one of the most essential parts of that plan.

The experienced Leesburg estate planning lawyer at Legacy Law Centers can help you create a will that meets your needs and helps keep your loved ones healthy and financially secure after you've passed away.

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Understanding Wills: Your Guide to Estate Planning

A will is a legal document containing instructions on handling the assets and affairs of the will's creator (testator) upon their death. Only effective after your death, your will tells the world what you own, where it is, and how you want it distributed when you're gone. There are a lot of rules regarding how to draft a binding last will and testament – and only a qualified Leesburg estate planning lawyer can be trusted to get it right.

Your executor cannot change your will. The responsibilities of your will's executor are to resolve your estate's financial obligations, maintain your property until the estate is settled, represent the estate in court, and distribute assets to your beneficiaries. Most executors are immediate family members or other trusted individuals.

Proper wills contain provisions regarding:

  • Appointment of a personal representative, or executor, for the testator's estate
  • Selection of a guardian for the testator's minor children
  • Distribution of the testator's assets

Our Leesburg estate planning attorney can ensure that your will meets all your needs and addresses everything necessary to ensure a bright future for your family.

We can help you create a comprehensive will that addresses issues like:

  • The order and priority of your beneficiaries
  • Testamentary gifts to a class of persons
  • Amendments (codicils)
  • Pour-over provisions
  • Debts

The Risks of Dying Without a Will in Leesburg

If you do not create a legitimate will before your death, your family will bear the burden, and the state or courts will have the final say in how your estate is handled. This means that the state can determine who will raise your minor children, wrap up your affairs, and inherit your assets. Much of the time, the state's decisions are not what you would ideally want.

Create a will to prevent the state from controlling your affairs after your death. Legacy Law Centers can walk you through the process step by step.

Why Choose Legacy Law Centers for Your Will Needs

Your last will and testament is only one part of a truly effective estate plan. To prepare a thorough estate plan, you need professional legal advice from an attorney who dedicates their practice to creating a useful estate plan.

At Legacy Law Centers, we focus on making a personalized estate plan that suits your individual needs and goals. We are against using a run-of-the-mill approach to our work, and we are devoted to understanding your specific needs and intentions so you can rest assured that the future of your legacy is in the right hands. Contact Legacy Law Centers today to schedule a meeting with our wills lawyer in Leesburg!

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