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Generally speaking, we create an estate plan to address what happens when we die. Estate planning allows you to prepare for life’s two inevitabilities: Death and taxes. But what about planning for life? During our lifetime, each of us faces several uncertainties and choices.

Legacy planning is the way we can plan for life rather than death. Legacy planning allows us to have a say in the life we leave behind upon our deaths. The Leesburg estate planning attorney at Legacy Law Centers can guide you through the legacy planning process to help you write the story you want told when you are gone.

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What Legacy Planning Entails

Passing wealth onto your family members, your friends, and the charities you care about is certainly a wonderful thing. This is something that estate planning can do.

Legacy planning, however, is more about preparing your loved ones for the wealth and the other assets they inherit. Think of everything you have obtained and achieved during your life so far – your beneficiaries will take on a lot. Legacy planning takes a more comprehensive look at how your family members’ lives will change once they have inherited your assets. Your legacy is the combination of your values and your wealth – make sure your loved ones take on and maintain yours with care for generations to come.

As we work with you on your legacy plan, we can help you:

  • Identity what inspires you to make sure you are passing your assets onto the right people and places
  • Engage with your loved ones and teach them about your values
  • Decide how to divide your assets in a way that represents your goals and values
  • Implement your plan and ensure that it is legally sound

Legacy planning is not just for celebrities and the ultra-wealthy. Families of all sizes and from all walks of life can benefit from a thoughtful and comprehensive plan.

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