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Since it can be difficult to think about death, many people do not think about what happens to their personal assets and who will take care of their family members after they pass away. Before it is too late, creating an estate plan can establish how your property is distributed and what type of medical care you wish to receive when you become incapacitated. Without an estate plan, the court will divide your assets and your loved ones will be tasked with tough medical decisions.

If you are interested in drafting an estate plan, our Broadlands estate planning attorney at Legacy Law Centers can help you protect your property and your family. We can sit down with you, listen to your concerns, and create an effective estate plan which fulfills your needs.

Our firm provides the following estate planning tools:

The Advantages Of Estate Planning

Estate planning consists of the distribution, management, and preservation of a person’s assets after death or incapacitation. Common types of assets include the family home, vehicles, bank accounts, life insurance, retirement funds, jewelry, collectibles, and debt. A comprehensive and personalized estate plan which will protect your spouse, children, pets, assets, and your legacy.

The benefits of estate planning include:

  • Ensure your assets are given to the rightful heirs or beneficiaries
  • Establish guardianship for minor children
  • Reduce taxes and expenses associated with distributing your assets
  • Determine how funeral arrangements and set aside funds
  • Help make difficult decisions for your family in the event you become incapacitated
  • Help your family avoid probate
  • Support your favorite charity
  • Protect your family’s future

Business Planning Services

In addition to estate planning, we also provide legal representation in business matters. Whether you are interested in starting your own company or passing down your business, Legacy Law Centers can protect your rights, complete the necessary paperwork, and accomplish your business goals. Let us help you make smart business decisions.

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Our Broadlands estate planning lawyer has the extensive knowledge of the legal process to guide you through each step and help you avoid any pitfalls. We are dedicated to creating comprehensive and personalized estate plans which specifically addresses your needs. Do not hesitate to prepare for the future immediately.

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