It’s always better to make sure your loved ones are covered when the time comes for them to inherit your property and assets. In times of mourning, a well-constructed estate plan can help bring hope to those who were special to you during your lifetime. That’s why our Purcellville estate planning attorney, Sam Mansoor, is here to assist you. With over 15 years of legal experience, Mansoor knows the various types of legacies local Virginians want to protect. Whether it’s drafting a will from the very start or making changes to a trust, Mansoor can provide the necessary knowledge and experience to give you peace about your family’s future.

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When Should I Start Planning My Estate?

Now. Though it’s normally thought of as something only retirees do, estate planning is crucial once you have established your career. It’s hard to predict when anyone’s last day could be and it’s better to know that your loved ones are covered ahead of time. It’s also important to view estate planning as not just something that covers people after your death. Estate planning is also a great way to run an unofficial audit on all your possessions. In a lot of instances, people walk away from estate planning sessions feeling much better about the protection of their assets. It also helps them to reorganize different types of documents like wills and trusts. For more information on how to initiate your estate planning process, reach out to our team today!

What Should I Include In My Estate?

Any financial accounts, major assets, properties, etc. The list can go on and on. One of the best ways to figure out what to include in your estate is to try and consider the strain and difficulty your passing could have on loved ones. Through an online portal, our legal team has created a test to help you determine the level of stress your death could have on your family.

Can I Revisit My Estate Plan?

Yes, our Purcellville estate planning lawyer can accommodate clients who already have a pre-existing will or trust. Life can change in the blink of an eye. Therefore, you could have people listed in your will who have either passed away or are no longer as relevant in your life as they once were. It’s important to seek legal advice when making these changes, so you can ensure when the time comes that these changes are verified and official. It’s better to address your interest in making changes now, rather than to keep putting it off and fail to act in the end.

Can I Plan My Estate?

Yes, but having a professional assist you can greatly help map out your property and assets in detail. Our Purcellville estate planning lawyer will help you select the right individuals and draft various documents that outline where your assets should end up. In addition to the distribution of assets, our team will also set you up to make sure your will and trust include the right language so that your legacy is passed on as well. With documents that shadow your morals, beneficiaries will be able to carry on your heritage for many years to come.

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