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  • Published: April 8, 2019
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Tax season is coming to an end, and hopefully you have already sorted everything out with the IRS. All around your home office, you probably have stacks of paperwork related to your assets, property, and finances. Wouldn’t it feel like a bit of wasted energy if you had to just stuff that all back into a filing cabinet until next year?

Here at Legacy Law Centers in Leesburg, we say you should take all that organizational momentum you’ve built up during the tax season and put it to good use by getting started on your estate plan! When you think about it, your estate plan needs much of the same information your taxes do, so most of your preparation work is already done.

Here’s a few hints on how to roll tax season energy into estate planning processes:

  1. Keep all of the paperwork you have already retrieved for your taxes out where you can easily access them again.
  2. Sort your paperwork into piles based on the relevance of the information. For example, you might have a pile of paper about real estate property, one about bank accounts, and another about retirement accounts.
  3. Look at your projected taxes based on your tax return to see where your finances might be lacking, or where you may have more money than anticipated.
  4. Do a quick check to see if your tax situation will allow you to use government aid for long-term care, like Medicaid.
  5. Talk with your spouse or anyone else who might have a direct interest in both your tax filing and your estate planning to see if they have their paperwork in order as well.
  6. Get in contact with our estate planning attorneys to discuss what to do next.

Realistically, even if you have all your tax papers in order, there is still much to be done to get a solid estate plan in the works. This is where Legacy Law Centers steps in and lends a hand, or takes the lead, if you prefer. We make it simple for you to carry over your momentum from tax season into estate planning by providing all the legal tools and support you need from start to finish.

This easy method of motivation transferal applies if you already have an estate plan made as well. For many people, after the tax season ends, they have a new picture of their assets, which calls for some adjustments to their wills, trusts, and so forth. It all comes down to making certain your estate plan reflects your wishes, takes care of you as you get older, and helps your loved ones find closure after you pass away. Our attorneys are here to make that goal a reality in any way we can.

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